Femi has had an eclectic past, ranging from modeling and commercial work, to film actor and singer for the Soultans, a London-based soul/pop touring group. Since moving to Vienna, Femi has continued his work in a variety of fields, as a licensed Shiatsu therapist in a private medical clinic in the heart of Vienna and as a fitness and Pilates instructor at Holmes Place and the John Harris Club. He is a 36th generation Shaolin warrior monk and trains at the Shaolin Tempel Vienna.

Born as the youngest boy into a royal Nigerian family, Femi grew up in the roughest North London neighbourhood. Slight of stature and of a gentle, introverted nature the young boy was constantly the victim of discrimination and bullying. At one point beaten and left for dead on the street by a vicious gang of thugs, Femi withdrew into the world of Marvel Comics and decided to model himself after his heroes. His training is an inspiring testament to the power of perserverance and personal transformation. Femi is now the best example of his own control your breath method.