Performances and Lectures

Throughout the week we we hold special performances, guest masterclasses, discussions and workshops, featuring our faculty, staff and guests. Highlights in 2019 will include:

  • Gala Opening Concert with Marina Piccinini, followed by a reception to meet the faculty and participants

  • Claire Chase Masterclass- Experimental and New music

  • Jennifer Grim Masterclass

  • Eva Amsler Masterclass and Dymnamic Integration workshop

  • Dr. Mark Janello Workshop How to write your own Mozart Cadenza”

  • Bach Sonatas Masterclass with Marina Piccinini and Dr. Mark Janello, harpsichord

  • Panel Discussion with Flutemakers

  • Flute Exhibits

  • Guided Tour of the New World Center by the New World Symphony Staff

  • Control Your Breath and Body Movement Workshops with Femi Oladeji

    • click here for more info

  • Etude of the Week with Katy Wherry

    • Etude of the Week is an online Facebook platform for flutists of all levels to share their work and interpretation of specific weekly etudes in a friendly and open atmosphere. MPIMC is proud to host a livestreamed event from the acoustically vibrant SunTrust Pavillion.

  • “Listen Up!” with Steven Finley

    • Develop and cultivate your innate artistic skills through musical methodology. With keen ears, explore, analyze, and discuss the depth of sounds, harmony, melody, articulation, rhythm, and growth.

  • Closing Public Recital with Participants

More details coming…