Performances and Lectures

Throughout the week we we hold special performances, panel discussions and lectures in the SunTrust Pavilion, featuring our faculty and guests. To kick off the week, we will continue the tradition of our Gala opening concert, followed by a reception to meet the faculty and participants:

June 18th

Marina Piccinini Opening Recital

with pianists Araceli Chacon and Colette Valentine


Other events throughout the week include:    

  • Panel discussion with guest Flutemakers , moderated by Marina Piccinini
  • Recital featuring Brook Ferguson and Past MIA Award Winners Katy Wherry, Giorgio Consolati, Kaleb Chesnick and Amir Farsi
  • Lecture presentation on Harry Cipriani Potter with Dr. Kristin Bacchiocchi-Stewart, featuring the Nicholson flute
  • "Finding your Voice" with Adam Workman and Flutistry Boston
  • Orchestral masterclass with Brook Ferguson
  • Lecture with Steven Finley/Flute FX
  • Closing recital with the participants of the MPIMC
  • Flute Choir Concert