Marina Piccinini International Masterclasses 2019

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Be prepared to perform up to three pieces, list them below. Examples can include solo pieces or pieces with piano, ranging from the Bach Sonatas to the Boulez Sonatine.
There will be a class with focus on contemporary music, and a class with harpsichord.
If you are interested in performing a contemporary piece or Bach Sonata with harpsichord please specify below. The piece should be included in the three pieces listed above.
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Are you interested in performing a Bach Sonata with harpsichord?
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There are a limited number of double rooms, these will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
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Random Acts of Music
Throughout the week we will presenting Random Acts of Music at the Betsy Hotel. Please fill out this section if you are interested in performing.
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If so, please list which piece(s) below
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